Exploring financial methods to tackle global social and environmental challenges.


About us

Impact investing encompasses investments made with the intention to generate positive social and environmental impacts while expecting a financial return.


The King’s Impact Investing Society was set up by a group of King's College London students who are passionate about finance and making a difference. The society explores financial methods to tackle global challenges through collective research and discussion. We also aim to partner with impact investing organisations to gain practical insights and raise awareness about this burgeoning industry.


We hope to encourage students to make a positive impact through their future careers. We welcome students from all academic backgrounds and strive to harness individual competencies to develop the society


What we do


We invite speakers from the impact investing field to share their experiences


Analysing and reporting on developments in impact investing



Compiling and putting together resources for those interested in the impact investing field



Contact us

Bush House, 30 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4BG


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