• Mun Fong Wong, Marketing VP

How to make a Social Impact with Your Career?

Last Tuesday, a group of us from King’s Impact Investing Society attended the event “How to Make a Social Impact With You Career?”. We interviewed Min Low, Research Associate of KIIS, to find out more about the event.

Q: What is the event all about?

A: The event was presented by Dr Phyllis SantaMaria and Mr Gabriel Flores, Directors of Learning Without Borders. Like what the event title says, it is getting us (the participants) together with the presenters, to come together to look into ways in which we can make a social impact in our careers. We also learnt about how some people have managed to find their own life purpose and made a social impact in their own careers. The session was an interactive one; Phyllis and Gabriel were really engaging and their fun demeanour made the session pass by in a breeze!

Q: What is your main takeaway from the event?

A: One thing that resonates with me after the event is that, to make big changes, we should start now. Most people want to have a concrete idea of what they are doing before they decide to try out their ideas. However, in most cases, taking that first step out is the most important one, and everything sort of flows from there, and you just learn as you go along, adjusting to the dynamic conditions thrown at you.

Q: Would you recommend others to attend the event?

A: It is certainly an event that people should attend because you go in thinking that you will be taught specific ways to do social impact in your career, but instead, you get an epiphany about what is holding you back from doing it (that personal barrier), and you learn that you can actually start taking small steps towards it, without needing to be taught exactly how to do it.

There will be another session held on 15 February (Thursday). To book a ticket for the event, please visit

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