• Konlawat Jarrunpattana

Careers opportunity at Morgan Stanley for impact investors

Morgan Stanley is an American multinational bank known for its investment bank and financial services. The bank is based in New York City with offices in 42 countries. Morgan Stanley is considered one of the top leading banks in the world. They are positioned in the same league as JP Morgan, Barclays and HSBC, to name a few.

Morgan Stanley offers lucrative opportunities to work in their sustainable finance business unit. The unit primarily focuses on sustainable investing, seeking to provide competitive return while promoting positive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. The unit also provides research and opinions from industry expert working in the field of sustainable finance. The scheme is currently open for masters and MBA students only. Those who are interested can choose from three different function areas - global capital market, investment management and equity research. All of the roles will be focused purely in the field of sustainable finance.

According to the Morgan Stanley website (2018), the placement scheme will run for 10 weeks during the summer of 2019. Successful applicants will be working directly with the sustainable team, handling projects related to the field and observing actual transactions being carried out. Additionally, support will be provided by Morgan Stanley as part of the programme. There are also opportunities to network with individuals working in the field of impact investing or sustainable finance. This could potentially open a new career pathway for any student who is interested in broadening their experience and knowledge in these fields.

Some of the responsibilities for each role are:

  • Global Capital Market: Gather data and analyse trends in market outlook as well as regulatory environment in the field of ESG investing.

  • Investment Management: Conduct research into companies in the field of ESG and provide strategies for ESG investment.

  • Research: Analyse sustainability data and collaborate with other analysts to share information.

Morgan Stanley is looking for anyone who have a genuine interest in sustainable finance, is organised and is a good team player. The application can be done online, and candidates must submit a cover letter detailing their interest in the field.

The application deadline for the 2019 summer internship is 9th December 2018. Further information is in the references section.

“We’ve established the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing to lead work across our firm, with our clients, and with academic institutions to help mobilize capital to sustainable enterprises, via global markets and the investors who drive them.”

James P. Gorman, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley

By Konlawat Jarrunpattana (Mooky)


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